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Device Holders

Looking for a

durable, sophisticated

device holder?

Our Story

  Lea Bank Ventures Ltd. is a custom machine shop located just outside of the town of Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada. We love helping people find solutions to everyday problems. Located in the center of a farming/industrial setting, our focus has been just that. With the help of farmers and friends we believe we have some solid products that will help you save time and frustration.

  Back in 2014, Lea Bank Ventures employee Dalen was trying to mount a Trimble FMX into a John Deere tractor on the family farm. Familiar with the capabilities of the CNC Machine Shop, and finding the currently available options inadequate, he decided to build a mounting bracket himself. While brainstorming with Brian, they came up with a system which is very similar to the 2" Series Double Ball with Joiner Pipe today. It exceeded their expectations. Realizing that others had similar needs, they decided to put it on the market. Today they offer a variety of sturdy, attractive mounts to suit many specific applications. 

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